Since the founding in january 1987 through Markus Stocker the company MEDIA ENGINEERING developed from a pure engineering office for the designing, planning and realization of sound broadcasting systems to a manufacturer of high class professional audio devices.

MEDIA ENGINEERING was growing continuously from a one-man-company to a small enterprise. At the beginning the offices and laboratories were located in Zurich. Later on a large manufacturing hall was added to build larger systems and outside broadcasting vans. Since january 1992 all departments - laboratories, stock, manufacturing, development and management - are located in Weiningen, 15 minutes west of Zurich.

During 15 years of building more than 120 different radio studios and 15 OB vans MEDIA ENGINEERING was detecting quite often niche markets for own-developed products. Starting with little add-ons and helpful electronic modules the result of these efforts were making the job for the studio-installer cheaper, faster and more professional.

After a while the own-developed products began to take on a significant amount of the total turnaround. This led to larger and more complicated own developments like the modular studio furniture MEFUR or the highly sophisticated digitally controlled analog mixing console MEMIX. The latter was way ahead of its time when it was marketed in 1992 for it went away with the old-fashioned meter-bridge which was a killer of perfect ergonomics in a radio studio using computer monitors.

After 1995 MEDIA ENGINEERING began to concentrate its studio installations on projects were its own developed products were the majority of the sales. These activities culminated in studio installations not only for highly specialized mobile and fixed systems for the Swiss Governement but also for well known people from abroad like Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, with his RADIO-1-KULTURA in Moscow.

End of 2001 all efforts were concentrated on own developments of professional audio products. Over the years MEDIA ENGINEERING has changed from a system house incorporating as good as all related crafts like metal-worker, wood-worker, electrician or electronics specialist to a highly specialized hardware and software developer and manufacturer.

In 2006 Media Engineering developed a familiy of telecommunication products for a third party client. Due to the large number of units produced manufacturing was outsourced entirely. Since then system management and general electronics engineering together with consulting tasks and distributorships in the field of radio sound broadcasting are the main activities of Media Engineering.


PROJECT ENGINEERING in the field of radio sound broadcasting, AF & RF. In any phase of a project Media Engineering can take over as a partner, for the conception, workflow and engineering of just about everything and anything a radio station needs.We are developing, manufacturing and delivering components or complete sets for radio studios - be it for new projects, add-ons or rebuildings. Through the use of system's engineering methods each project is clearly structured from the first definitions to turn-key finishing. Stepping into an already running project or beginning from the scratch, help is offered for the finding of specifications and definitions.

OWN DEVELOPED PRODUCTS: a wide range of products have been developed in the process of finding special solutions for special problems with (quite often) very special clients. Such professional measuring instruments as the FM-SPY or the professional FM tuner ME-TUN and many more electronic devices, modules and add-ons have found their way into many radio studio installations throughout Switzerland, Europe and even further.

THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS: Development of Electronic Devices and Systems for third party clients. Most modern CAD and CAM tools are used throughout the process for the finding of realible technical custom specific solutions, be it mechanical construction, electronic circuit design or printed circuit board layout for analog or digital electronics.

..... and MEDIA ENGINEERING is distributing the product lines of these fine manufacturers:

WHEATSTONE: mixing consoles for R&TV stations in AOIP (Wheatnet-IP) techniques (U.S.A.)
VORSIS: sound processing systems for FM, AM, Streaming and any other kind of signal distribution (U.S.A.)
AUDIOARTS: entry level to full blown analog and digital mixing consoles, partly also in Wheatnet-IP techniques (U.S.A.)

DAVICOM: monitor, alarm & remote control units für R&TV transmitter sites (CANADA)
PRODYS, S.L.: IP / X.21 / 3G / ISDN audiocodecs for fixed and mobile use (SPAIN)
DORROUGH ELECTRONICS: LED audio & video & power level meters for analog or digital audio (U.S.A.)
LARSEN ACUTRON LDA.: crossbar systems (analog & digital), remote control systems (PORTUGAL)


RADIO 1 AG, Zürich, Switzerland
RADIO 24, Zurich, Switzerland
RADIO 32, Solothurn, Switzerland
RADIO AKTUELL, St. Gallen, Switzerland
RADIO ARGOVIA, Brugg, Switzerland
RADIO BASILISK, Basel, Switzerland
RADIO BE1 (Foerderband), Bern, Switzerland
RADIO BERNER OBERLAND, Interlaken, Switzerland
RADIO CANAL 3, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
RADIO EDELWEISS, Liestal, Switzerland
RADIO EVIVA, Zurich, Switzerland
RADIO extraBERN, Bern, Switzerland
RADIO GRISCHA, Chur, Switzerland
RADIO PILATUS, Luzern, Switzerland
RADIO PIZ, St. Moritz, Switzerland

RADIO RI, Buchs, Switzerland
RADIO ROTTU, Visp, Switzerland
RADIO RUMANTSCH, Chur, Switzerland
RADIO TOP, Winterthur, Switzerland
RADIO TROPIC, Zurich, Switzerland
RADIO Z, Zurich, Switzerland
RADIO ZUERISEE, Rapperswil, Switzerland

IISCHER'S RADIO, Brig, Switzerland
OPUS RADIO, Zurich, Switzerland
PUBLICITAS, St. Gallen, Switzerland
RADIO RUSSIA, Moscow, Russia
RADIO NADEZHDA, Moscow, Russia
RADIO-1-KULTURA, Moscow, Russia
MILIZIA WOLNJA, Moscow, Russia
BAYRADIO, St. Julians, Malta
TELE BERN, Bern, Switzerland
TELE ZUERI, Zurich, Switzerland
WORLD TELEVISION, Glattbrug, Switzerland

.....and many more