is the proud distributor of these internationally highly awarded manufacturers:

AUDIO & DESIGN READING LTD. (ADRL): professional single or dual FM/DAB+/WEB/MP3 receiver


QUANTUM-LITE: unique reporter codec
with 2 SIM card slots for 3G/4G connections

QUANTUM-W: a new portable
and lightweight audio codec

QUANTUM-ST: powerful new-generation IP
audio codec with world-class IP technology

QUANTUM-XL: portable IP audio
codec with built-in audio mixer

H264 Video Codec for life
broadcasting over IP or satellite

PRODYSCONTROL: audio codec
remote control software application

PC Net: audio codec software




STREAM-BLADE: AAC, Opus & MP3 encoder for 8 audio inputs and 32 Web Radio Streams with state-of-the-art streaming audio processing

SWITCH-BLADE: interfaces WNIP and SIP
networks with up to 24 Opus codecs for telephone and/or interstudio connections

AIRAURA-X5: Wheatstones flagship and best-
in-class reference dual path sound processor

LXE: worlds most flexible radio console:
all knobs & buttons are user programmable,
also available in (European) split version

AIRAURA-X1: budgetfriendly sound processor with iAGC, 5 band spectral controller and
10 band limiter (one for FM and one for HD)

TS4-H: a new and larger talent station with
2 HDPN jacks (1/4"-6.25mm & 1/8"-3.2mm)

VOXPRO: an audio recorder/editor
for on-air live use in radiostudios

a WNIP interface to
inexpensive IP WiFi / WLAN radio links

design your own WNIP control panel

AURA8ip-3: 8 audio processors in one
very cost effective Input/Output Blade

M4ip-3: four microphone voice processors
freely accessible within your WNIP network

METER-APP: monitor and alarm almost
any number of WNIP streams on a PC

SG192: FM stereo generator with BS.412
and 192kHz AES MPX composite output

FM55: superb processor with 5-band iAGC
and 5-band limiter including stereo generator

AIRAURA-X3 : 31-band sound processor

WHEATNET-IP: the only AOIP system
with no PC required for normal operation

AOIP Mixing Console Surfaces:



Sideboard Turret

GLASS-E (computer application)

IP-12: 12 Fader Mixing Console
with analog/digital I/Os and
Wheatnet-IP capabilities





CORTEX: remote site monitoring, alarming
and controlling unit of newest generation

Lightning Counter : detects and
counts the actual lightning strikes

Lightning Detector: advance warning of
the presence or approach of lightning activity

Indoor IP Camera with Pan and Tilt

iOS and Android Smartphone Apps

Monitoring, Alarm und Control for
remote locations: RTU-units

I/O Extender


Add-Ons, Connector Boards ect.

DAVLINK: user application

network management

DADS: 3/1 Silence Sensor
and Failover Switch for AES/EBU

FMBM: AM/FM broadcast monitor
measures frequency deviation & alarms