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Austria & Switzerland, March 2017

A number of visits in radio studios
were undertaken and led to ever more
friends of Wheatstones WheatNet IP
AoIP system. Even lunch and dinner
time was used intensively to
"spread the Wheat"


NAB 2017, LCC, Las Vegas (USA)
April 24-27 / 2017

"Where Content comes to Life"

Media Engineering Markus Stocker
was attending this years exhibition

NAB2017 was an outstanding and incredibly successful show. One of the most remarkable "firsts" was the winning of a total of 4 Best-Of-Show awards for one new Wheatstone product, the brandnew radio sound processor AIRAURA X4 with its remarkable features setting new and so far unreached very high sound processing standards.


POST-NAB 2017, TPC Zürich
May 30 / 2017

A very interesting offshoot of the
worlds most important broadcasting show held in the TPC Zurich

This year Media Engineering is
featuring Wheatstone's worlds first
and newest elaborations in the field
of the still only true and pure AoIP
system with newest add-ons to its
WheatNet-IP AoIP network as well
as the newest piece of high end
radio and TV sound processing gear.

! Mark May 30 in your calendar !


IBC 2017, RAI Expo Center
Amsterdam, Sept 15-19/ 2017

On display: WHEATSTONE's finest
fully featured AoIP console LXE

PRODYS's newest IP multicodec
in rackmount form: QUANTUM-3U

!! Wheatstone's newest award !!

is the proud distributor of these internationally highly awarded manufacturers:

QUANTUM-LITE: unique reporter codec
with 2 SIM card slots for 3G/4G connections

QUANTUM-W: a new portable
and lightweight audio codec

QUANTUM-ST: powerful new-generation IP
audio codec with world-class IP technology

QUANTUM-XL: portable IP audio
codec with built-in audio mixer

H264 Video Codec for life
broadcasting over IP or satellite

multiple IP, ISDN & X.21
Audio Codec (max. 14)

multiple IP, ISDN & X.21
Audio Codec (max. 4)

PRONTO-NET: Audio Codec familiy
for IP, 3G and ISDN

Portable Audio Codec for IP, 3G/3.5G, ISDN

PRODYSCONTROL: audio codec
remote control software application

PC Net: audio codec software

KRONOS: E1/T1 audio/data Multiplexer



NAB 2016 Las Vegas
April 18 - 21 / 2016

Markus Stocker was serving you at
WHEATSTONE: booth # N-2530
DAVICOM: booth # N-3532
PRODYS: booth # N-5537

...and with DAVICOM we have
introduced the brandnew
Lightning Counter DVLC-1




LXE: worlds most flexible radio console:
all knobs & buttons are user programmable,
available in (European) split version

AIRAURA-X1: budgetfriendly sound processor with iAGC, 5 band spectral controller and
10 band limiter (one for FM and one for HD)

TS4-H: a new and larger talent station with
2 HDPN jacks (1/4"-6.25mm & 1/8"-3.2mm)

VOXPRO: an audio recorder/editor
for on-air live use in radiostudios

a WNIP interface to
inexpensive IP WiFi / WLAN radio links

design your own WNIP control panel

AURA8ip-3: 8 audio processors in one
very cost effective Input/Output Blade

M4ip-3: four microphone voice processors
freely accessible within your WNIP network

METER-APP: monitor and alarm almost
any number of WNIP streams on a PC

SG192: FM stereo generator with BS.412
and 192kHz AES MPX composite output

FM55: superb processor with 5-band iAGC
and 5-band limiter including stereo generator

FM531-HD: 31-band sound processor
(smaller brother of Airaura-X3)

AIRAURA-X3 : 31-band sound processor

VP-8plus: 8-band sound processor
for AM, FM and Streaming

WHEATNET-IP: the only AOIP system
with no PC required for normal operation

AOIP Mixing Console Surfaces:




Sideboard Turret

GLASS-E (computer application)

IP-12: 12 Fader Mixing Console
with analog/digital I/Os and
Wheatnet-IP capabilities





Lightning Counter : detects and
counts the actual lightning strikes

Lightning Detector: advance warning of
the presence or approach of lightning activity

Indoor IP Camera with Pan and Tilt

iOS and Android Smartphone Apps

Monitoring, Alarm und Control for
remote locations: RTU-units

I/O Extender


Add-Ons, Connector Boards ect.

DAVLINK: user application

network management

DADS: 3/1 Silence Sensor
and Failover Switch for AES/EBU

FMBM: AM/FM broadcast monitor
measures frequency deviation & alarms